ZeeZout (weekender)

4 september 2021

ZeeZout Festival returns to Tuinen van West this summer to create that well-known ZeeZout vibe for the 6th year running. An intimate gathering of music lovers, party people and all others looking for the very best of times.

Our 2020 program reflects the current shape of Dutch electronic music. It’s simultaneously forward-thinking, razor-sharp and very much locally driven. Expect to be surprised. Expect to have fun. Expect to dance.  Join the rave. Join ZeeZout Festival.

ZeeZout Festival is held at Tuinen van West. A green location in Amsterdam, where old and new landscapes are combined. Throughout the year art, culture, agriculture and sustainability are brought together at Tuinen van West. The perfect spot for our yearly summer festival. ZeeZout Festival, an intimate garden affair.